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Holiday Salumi Gift Box-Charcuterie box

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Holiday Salumi Gift Box - Charcuterie box

Cured Duck Breast "Prosciutto"

Hudson Valley Magret Moulard Duck Breasts

Slow cured in the same process used to make our Culatello, Coppa and Bresaola. Minimal processing and ingredients are used to allow the natural flavors of the duck to shine. All natural, certified humane duck breasts.

Ingredients: Hudson Valley Duck Breast, Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, Red Wine, Telicherry Black Peppers, Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate

Breasts vary in weight 10-13 oz

How to Slice our Cured Duck Breast:

Our cured duck breast can be sliced in both lengthwise and along the bias. If you choose to slice the duck with a knife, we recommend slicing the duck breasts very thin along the shorter end of the breast. If you have a slicer, you can also slice the cured duck breast on the lowest setting of your slicer.

How to Serve our Cured Duck Breast:

For the best flavor, serve at room temperature. You can also get creative by dicing the cured duck breast, sautéing it, and adding it to a dish.

How to Store Leftover Cured Duck Breast:

The Duck can be stored for a few months in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic wrap and in a container. Food savers are always best. You may see some mold growth, but when this happens, you can take a damp paper towel and wipe it off.

Soppressata (Uncured) Calabrian Spicy Salami (5.3oz)


This salami is comprised of heritage pork, Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, Fresh and dried imported Calabrian Chili Peppers, Telicherry Black Pepper and Cleto Chiarli Lambrusco red wine.

Keto-friendly | Paleo-friendly
Gluten free | Nut free | Lactose free

*Naturally occurring nitrates sourced from the use of celery powder

How to Slice our Salami:

Slit the uneatable casing with a knife and peel away the amount you will consume, similar to a banana.

How to Serve our Salami:

Slice the salami at a 60° angle and the width of a peppercorn.(We recommend slicing our salami a little thicker than you normally would with American salami)

    How to Store Leftover Salami:

    We recommend storing sliced portions covered, and in the fridge. Since our salami is shelf stable, you may choose whether to store it on the counter or covered in the refrigerator. If you choose to refrigerate your salami, please bring the salami to room temperature prior to consumption. Furthermore, please note that the refrigerator will also alter the salami’s texture and flavor over an extended storage timeframe.

    'Nduja- Calabrian Spreadable spicy salami (16oz)

    Spreadable Calabrian Chili Pepper salame. Best served on Toast, eggs, pasta, pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches

    Ingredients: Pork, Chili Peppers, Red wine, Black Pepper, Trapani Sea Salt, Sodium Nitrite & Nitrate, Lactic starter culture

    How to Slice our 'Nduja:

    For both our 7oz and 1lb ‘nduja, we recommend cutting a chunk of the nduja you will be consuming and scooping the ‘nduja out of the casing.  If you are going to consume the entire piece of ‘nduja, you can make a slit down the ‘nduja with a knife and squeeze it open like a big sweet potato.

    How to Serve our 'Nduja:

    ‘Nduja can be utilized in many dishes or as a condiment.  If you are cooking with ‘nduja, we recommend adding the ‘nduja at low-heat in a sauté pan or mixing it in at the end.  If you are spreading the ‘nduja on to something fragile, a pro-tip is to whip the ‘nduja with butter to thin the ‘nduja and also increase your yield.  

    How to Store Leftover 'Nduja:

    Wrap ‘Nduja in either cheese storage paper, plastic wrap, or a sealed plastic container before placing it in the refrigerator.  Use within two weeks of opening.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    Luke M.
    Very good nduja for the price

    Very good nduja. I wasn't able to get my normal brand locally so I took a chance on this. Good strong flavor, nice kick to it. A little bit greasy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Shipping was fast and it was well packed.

    RPF Esq.
    A taste of Calabria

    I didn't think I'd find an American 'nduja that lived up to the Calabrese tradition, but this one from Sent Fresh is excellent. Just the right amount of heat, not too salty or fatty, and a really nice buttery consistency. Recommended!

    Goggie Guru
    Spice up your appetizer selections.

    Calabrian chili and salami spread was fabulous. The spread has a great kick and distinctive flavor. Fresh, spreadable, and a perfect marriage with shaved Pecorina Catonese and cured black olives. Freshly baked bread is key. Treat yourself to prosecco or your favorite red blend.

    Leigh F Snead
    Highly recommend!!

    Terrific! Exactly what we were looking for!

    Maurice Grimes
    Very happy

    Right out of the package and mixed with eggs great !!!

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