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Heritage Coppa (Unsliced)

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Slowly cured in the same style as Piacenza, Italy. Minimally processed by hand using only a few simple ingredients. This allows for a soft, buttery texture and delicate flavor of the Heritage breed pork to shine through.

No Antibiotics Ever | Allergen Free
Keto-Friendly | No Sugar Added | Nut-Free

Ingredients: Pork Collar, Trapani Sicilian Sea Salt, Red wine, Telicherry Black Pepper, Sodium Nitrite and Nitrate

*Shipped Unsliced-Deli slicer required

1.75-2 lb piece. Piece may come whole or portioned, depending on the size of the Coppa.

How to Slice our Coppa:

Slit and peel the casing as you would with a salami. Slice the Coppa as thin as possible. This will ensure a soft and buttery profile. We highly recommend using a deli slicer to slice our Coppa. We do not recommend using a mandolin, it will not work.

How to Serve our Coppa:

Serve on a salumi or charcuterie board with your favorite cheese and bread. You may also substitute our Coppa into any prosciutto recipe. Coppa also goes great on sandwiches.

    How to Store Leftover Coppa:

    A vacuum sealer would be the best way to store our Coppa. If you do not have a vacuum sealer, you can wrap it tight with plastic wrap. Pro-tip: take a paper towel, spray it with white wine, wrap the Coppa in the paper towel and then rewrap the Coppa in plastic wrap or a vacuum pouch. This will help to keep the Coppa fresh.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Harry S.
    Heritage Copa and More!

    I have been a remote customer for a few years now, having first discovered Salumi Chicago's products at a restaurant in Chicago's Wicker Park. I recently purchased the Heritage Copa as well as more Nduja and pother salamis.

    The quality and consistency of flavor never disappoints, and the customer service is excellent, should you have any question, problem or concern.

    Michael Foglia

    Flavor was very good and although coops typically has a lot of fat content this had much more than usual. I do understand that you wouldn’t know until you cut it.

    Amazingly good !

    This coppa is really good and it brought me back to Italy and Piacenza/Parma where the original coppa is made. This is not quite the same cut but the curing is really good. Bravi !

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