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Spreadable Calabrian Chili Pepper salame. Best served on Toast, eggs, pasta, pizza and grilled cheese sandwiches

Ingredients: Pork, Chili Peppers, Red wine, Black Pepper, Trapani Sea Salt, Sodium Nitrite & Nitrate, Lactic starter culture

How to Slice our 'Nduja:

For both our 7oz and 1lb ‘nduja, we recommend cutting a chunk of the nduja you will be consuming and scooping the ‘nduja out of the casing.  If you are going to consume the entire piece of ‘nduja, you can make a slit down the ‘nduja with a knife and squeeze it open like a big sweet potato.

How to Serve our 'Nduja:

‘Nduja can be utilized in many dishes or as a condiment.  If you are cooking with ‘nduja, we recommend adding the ‘nduja at low-heat in a sauté pan or mixing it in at the end.  If you are spreading the ‘nduja on to something fragile, a pro-tip is to whip the ‘nduja with butter to thin the ‘nduja and also increase your yield.  

How to Store Leftover 'Nduja:

Wrap ‘Nduja in either cheese storage paper, plastic wrap, or a sealed plastic container before placing it in the refrigerator.  Use within two weeks of opening.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Dale Malone


Brian Woodring
Updated review

Difficulty getting order filled initially, but they made it right, and the nduja is delicious.

It was well worth the wait!

Had some problems with the shipper, but got it today and it was well worth the wait. Got water boiling and cooked some pasta, added a spoon of Nduja, sprinkle of olive oil and grated cheese. WOW it was fantastic, glad to know there is a source here for some of those old world tastes!

Salami crack

I could eat a lb of this deliciousness every week if my cholesterol would cooperate . Made a delish linguini with Nduja in my sauce . Next, I mixed a tablespoon in with steamed Chinese dumplings, oh my!

Jessica Aaron
Delicious and Unique!

I love that this is a spreadable salami! So different. It has a good flavor and good kick. Will buy again!

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